Guys have ever faced this situation before, where you do have the project’s source code but you don’t have the database.

I also came across with the similar situation where I had to show the demo to one of the proposed client but I didn’t had the database with me, but luckily that project was built using linq-to-sql and I had the dbml file with me.

So I thought of generating the database from dbml file, and I did a bit of googling as you are currently doing :) and got a solution which is just mentioned below.

public void CreateDatabase()
MyDb dbContext = new MyDb(@"c:\anyname.mdf");
MyDb dbContext = new MyDb();
if (dbContext.DatabaseExists())
Console.WriteLine("Deleting old database...");

Make sure to change the connection string and give the proper server name, as it is going to generate a new database for you.

Although the above approach may not provide you with the data but surely it will free you from manually creating the tables in the database.